Ferrari F40 does donuts on the golf course

Thanks to the amazing supercar coverage of YouTube user "BrianZuk", we get to see an ultra-rare Ferrari F40 doing donuts on a golf course! Just seeing this car is rare enough, let alone watching the Ferrari hoon it up and destroy some sod. I can hear the greenskeeper complaining from here! How much damage do you think this car did to the fairway? I'm going with at least $1,000 USD. Maybe more? Comment below!

If the golf course didn't want burnouts on the pristine Bermuda, they shouldn't have hosted an exotic car meet. Anytime you get a group of supercar owners together, chaos is always just around the corner. Whether it's a Corvette almost taking out a pedestrian, or this Ferrari F40 destroying a fairway, the need for speed is always present amongst these owners. Enjoy the following short clip of a Ferrari F40 doing donuts on a golf course!

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Source: Tampa Sports Car Examiner

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