Slow motion drifting video

The world of drifting is quite spectacular in person, but unfortunately in the real world you can't slow time to witness drifting in slow motion. Slow motion is a film effect that speeds up the frame rate beyond that of standard film, creating an effect of slowed motion when played back at a standard frame rate of 24 frames per second. When we take footage from extreme sports like drifting and slow it down, we get to see all the unique visuals that are missed in real life.

More exciting drift footage!

Using footage shot at Formula D Road Atlanta 2010, we get to witness all of the tire burning drift action from a different reality. Formula D is a United States based drifting series that travels around the country and judges drifters based on execution and style. The more smoke you create closer to the outside of the turn, and the longer you can hold it, the better. Road Atlanta is a particularly exceptional course for drifting, as the elevation creates a dish effect. Drifters on this course have extremely high entry speeds, which creates chaos such as drifting wrecks and tons of tire smoke!

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 Source: Tampa Sports Car Examiner

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