Subaru Impreza WRX clutch and flywheel installation

Installing a clutch and flywheel on a 2002 Subaru Impreza WRX is not an easy task. Some have claimed that this can be done by the average shade tree mechanic, but for safe and quality installation this totally requires the use of a lift and someone with experience. The Subaru is a tricky beast full of surprises and installation hazards, tread lightly if you must. If it's not done right the first time, the Subaru will let you know by attacking your wallet almost immediately. If you have any doubts, get it done right the first time otherwise you'll be sorry!

Serviced by Carter Taliaferro and Chris McGowan at Pete Stop Motor Company, the installation of a Competition Clutch Stage Two clutch and lightweight flywheel went smooth as silk. The day started off bright and early, as the Pete Stop tow truck showed up at my house around 10 AM. From there, the car was loaded safely on the truck for a journey into upgraded clutch land. I rode along in the tow truck, and it was just as much fun as it was exciting. I had never had the chance to ride in a tow truck, so I admit this was a first. It was so cool!

Showing up at the shop around noon, I was greeted by Carter and the Pete Stop Crew. The owners Ozy and James were present and accounted for, which is something that I like when visiting a performance shop. The Pete Stop shop is very clean, impressive, and well laid out. They have all sorts of cool displays, a comfortable lounge with LCD TV, and plentiful refreshments. The bay was open and ready for my car, so we pulled it in and Carter got started immediately.

Watching Carter and Chris work, I noticed something about their skill level; it is outstanding! Earlier that day, I had learned from the tow truck driver Chuck that Carter used to work on jets in the Navy. I'll admit, I'm savvy for a good technician and I can totally appreciate the skill it takes to work on aircraft. Knowing that Carter has been trusted to work on million dollar planes and had performed countless Subaru clutch swaps put me at total ease throughout the installation; which says something because I typically do all my own work and am a total freak when it comes to other people touching my Subaru. Once I heard he was a flight mechanic, I was more than happy to have him service my vehicle! Watch the video and enjoy the first time-lapse footage of a Subaru Impreza WRX clutch and flywheel install courtesy of Pete Stop Motor Company!

P.S. They are working on an awesome turbocharged 2011 Camaro and I'll be reporting back later with updates, video and more. Check out and stay tuned!

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 Source: Tampa Sports Car Examiner

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