1000 + horsepower Pontiac GTO

When it comes to making big power, there isn't many better engines out there than the famous LS series small blocks from Chevrolet. The following video from Australia shows just how much power can be made from one of these engines on the Pontiac GTO platform, and it's more than impressive. Get ready for some down under power! Modifications to this 402 LS7 are as follows:
  • Ported heads
  • Ross pistons
  • Oliver rods
  • Callies crank
  • Custom supercharger
  • Vortech V7ysi compressor
  • Twin plate ceramic clutch
  • Two inch headers
  • 3.5" full exhaust
  • Yank high RPM stall converter
  • 4L80e automatic transmission
As you can see, this is one serious build. Creating over 1,000 horsepower while running massive amounts of boost, this GTO nearly smokes the tires on the dyno. Smooth enough for a daily driver, but powerful enough to dominate the track, this 1100 horsepower GTO has what it takes to take the abuse. With such a large 402 V8 engine, it's no surprise that this car generates 1,000+ horsepower reliably.

Video content: 1000 + horsepower Pontiac GTO

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Source: Tampa Sports Car Examiner

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