1000 hp Supra street races ZX10R

Most would consider racing against a motorcycle while driving a heavy car is fighting a loosing battle. When racing with the power of a well built Toyota Supra, anything is possible. Once these cars dig into the pavement, they're gone; that's why they are so popular. The use of a large inline six cylinder engine coupled to a twin turbo forced induction system creates the ultimate power without the lag you would expect from a twin big turbo setup. Thanks to the short exhaust manifold and intake setup due to the inline design, all of the energy is centrally located and thus less power loss occurs.

If you take an inline engine of the same size and put it against a V or horizontally opposed "boxer" engine of the same size, turbocharge them and tune them both with the same methods, the inline will always build boost quicker and put more power down on the dyno. That's great for straight racing, but what about the corners? The problem with an inline design is that it's tall, and has a high center of gravity than the V or boxer design engine. V style engines are a little better as they rest between the extremes, but still can't provide balance like a boxer engine.

So which is the best engine design? It all depends on your goals. If you want to rape corners, then by all means go with the boxer. If you want a straight line drag racing beast, it's hard to beat a Toyota Supra with an inline six that's been properly built. For those in the middle, the V6 like what is found on the new Nissan GT-R is an ideal blend for both uses. So how fast is a Toyota Supra when it's been properly built to tyrannically rule the drag strip? It's damn fast, so fast the camera can't even catch it.

Video content: 1000 horsepower Supra kills ZX10R motorcycle

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Source: Tampa Sports Car Examiner

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