155 mile per hour super-bus of the future!

If Darth Vader drove a Wienermobile this would totally be it! The future of public transportation has a high speed cure for your impatience and a fix for your chic design cravings. The "Superbus", a concept public transportation vehicle, can hold up to 23 passengers and is claimed to travel at a sustained rate of 155 mph. Although the following clip looks slower than a seven year itch, the thought of traveling at 155 mph in an environment similar to first class on airplanes with up to 23 other passengers plus crew is mechanically titillating but disturbing at the same time. The reason we can sit comfortably in an airplane is because the chances of emergency restraint use and it actually being effective on saving a life are reduced drastically at cruising elevation. How can we safely travel in the Superbus at 155 mph and expect to stay safe? This thing is either an innovation or a disaster, I'm unsure which.

Watching the video below, one can't help but to notice how incredibly slow this "high speed" transport of the future appears. If you watch closely, you can actually see a snail pass this ginormous PT turd in the outside lane through the corners. It's claimed to be quick, but I see nothing of the sort. What I see is technology way ahead of it's time, as it claims 155 mph but clearly demonstrates speeds a much lower rates. I see an attempt to land more research money to help fund an idea that can't even be produced or used reliably with current technology. What I see is a slug! How is it to keep up with traffic? How is it to pass a car if required? I have kidney stones that can pass faster than this thing could pass a stranded vehicle on the side of the road.

Even though it appears sluggish, it is designed to have it's own dedicated lane so we won't have to worry about passing through traffic with a 30 foot colostomy bag of carbon fiber, battery packs, on board radar systems, and loads of personal media and creature comforts for passengers. Sure it's luxury style living in the future, but can this possibly be better than white-knuckling through traffic stoned on caffeine and spreadsheets? Driving while balancing the office, personal life, and addictions is what driving is all about. That was a joke, just like this concept. The Superbus might be the answer, or it might just be another concept vehicle lost into the purgatory of design only to face a short life of mockery and falsehood. Would you ride on the Superbus or keep your own personal vehicle? I'd use it for a parade float, but that's about it. Comment below.

Video content: 155 mile per hour super-bus of the future!

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Source: Tampa Sports Car Examiner

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