2010 Camaro SS drives 175 mph on interstate!

Blowing by the morning traffic in or around Qatar, the full bolt on plus cam 2010 Camaro SS was able to reach 175 mph with ease. Modifications total 455 horsepower and 426 foot pounds of torque at the rear wheels and include a TSP cam, Kooks Headers, Vararam CAI, SLP underdrive pulley, and an ECU tune by Hisham Almulla according to the video description. If you've ever had morning commute blues, consider driving a 2010 Camaro SS at 175 mph for a bit of spice in your life. That's sure to get the old ticker moving!

A pretty impressive list, these modifications are considered bolt on because no internal engine work must be done. Anyone with a decent set of tools and a little bit of experience with a wrench can install a cam, headers, intakes, etc. It's still not easy and does take time and money, but on the modification scale these are relatively easy modifications. This video shows us the acceleration and top speed available to us if we modify the 2010 Camaro SS with a similar setup and tune.

To take the modification to the next step, forced induction is typically introduced along with rebuilt engine internals and an upgraded transmission. The power levels can easily double what is shown here, and it's scary to imagine how fast a fully built 2010 Camaro SS could achieve 175 mph if it were on boost. Boosting an engine that is designed for natural aspiration is somewhat difficult, and internals almost always have to be rebuilt in order to change pistons for adjusted compression ratios. While you're in there, rule of thumb is if you open the engine replace as much as possible. Take the time to build it right and you'll be greatly rewarded. Discuss this article with CarDomain.com!

Video content: 2010 Camaro SS drives 175 mph on interstate!

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Source: Tampa Sports Car Examiner

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