2010 Camaro wrecks in the snow!

When it comes to being a snow-worthy vehicle, any Camaro; new, old, or any age between is going to fail as soon as the white stuff flies. Just as legacy driven as using a V8, Camaros are constantly being wrecked during the winter season. Most Camaro owners are smart and they let their cars sit at home when the roads are less than par. However, sometimes you simply have to drive your car and no one can predict the future; tragedy occurs. Don't let them fool you, this car sucks in the snow. Take a look at the trickery going on in the snow performance video seen here. That is not the same handling and performance that landed this Camaro on the tow truck!

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Taking a look at this Camaro, it's pretty obvious what happened here. It lost traction, and slid into a pole- so what's the story here? According to the YouTube description, "One of Lairds Towing drivers, had to dig the Camaro out of a snow bank before putting on the flat bed." The poor Camaro! What did it do to deserve this kind of foul treatment? Nothing particular, except not following the rules of driving a Camaro in the winter.

Top rules of driving a Camaro in the winter:
  1. Do not drive them in the winter.
  2. Do not drive them in the winter.
  3. Do not drive them in the winter.
Some rules are made to be broken, while others aren't. Put it this way - most Camaros can't even be put into drive without spinning the tires. There's so much torque and such little amount of weight over the drive tires that they demand 100% traction or they simply won't grip. You can follow the rules, or you can learn the hard way. Looks like this guy chose those latter!

Video content: 2010 Camaro wrecks in the snow! 

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Source: National Automotive News Examiner

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