Awesome Lexus IS300 parking lot drifting!

When it comes to high class drifting style, no vehicle completes the set like an IS300 sliding sideways through a parking lot. Drifting, doing burnouts, and sliding the car around for just over two minutes straight is how Lexus IS300 drifter and Car Domain member "SlvLexus" gets down. With upgrades listed such as HKS Dragger exhaust, custom mid/test pipe, no catalytic converters, underdrive pulley, 70 shot of NOS, custom headlight intake system, K&N drop in filter, and a custom tuned ECU allows the IS300 to breath efficiently enough for drift abuse. By opening up the flow of the 2JZ-GE engine, the following IS300 bellows it's power as it effectively drifts the entire parking lot.

What's so great about drifting a parking lot? When it's only 20F outside, the tires get hard and are less likely to give a good burn. To generate smoke like what you see below, it takes a long effort of high RPM chaos to engulf the scene with smoke. With aid from suspension components like Tein coilovers, Megan racing arms, and a TRD LSD the IS300 has plenty of dig to slide out in the corners; keeping the tires burning is left up to the power of the engine.

The world of IS300 performance is somewhat limited due to the high cost of parts and initial vehicle investment. People hear the name "Lexus" and run because of the stereotypes surrounding a luxury vehicle brand. The Lexus is different from BMW, Mercedes-Benz, and other top dollar luxury brands because Lexus still incorporated the aftermarket market into the initial design. To modify the vehicle, it doesn't take removal of the current ECU and replacement with a high dollar stand alone unit. Sure a stand alone can always help, but vehicles manufacturers like Lexus, Toyota, Subaru, Mazda, and Mitsubishi all design their vehicles to be modified. Is this the winning combination? If you look at sales numbers, you'll see that the JDM sector is shining quite brightly.

Video content: Awesome Lexus IS300 parking lot drifting!

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Source: Tampa Sports Car Examiner

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