Banned commercials: 1970 Dodge Charger

Why would they ban this commercial? Could it be due to the suggestion of ill repute geared towards automotive ownership? The Dodge Charger is an American icon, just like apple pie, hamburgers, and fireworks on Fourth of July. Why would they ever damper its image by suggesting sexually illicit themes with adult soap opera-like drama? We all know there's nothing better than pictures of hot women and Dodge!

The 1970 Dodge Charger 500 was an impressive vehicle, and why not surround it with beautiful women? It was an incredibly rare vehicle, check out the following Wikipedia excerpt: "A total of 500 Charger 500s were made but only 392 were bought for street use. The rest were bought by racers and gutted, stripped, modified and/or repainted. Only 67 Charger 500s were built with the 426 Hemi; 27 with 4-Speeds and 40 with Torqueflites."

This commercial would be totally acceptable by today's standards and most will fail to see what is "wrong" with this commercial. I'll go ahead and point it out; adultery, mature themes, sexual innuendos, and an extremely conservative FCC looking for any reason to lash out at the youth generation. Let us not forget the society that was 1970; we're talking about a 'hippy' vs. 'the man' grudge match just brewing away and ripe to bust!

Thanks to YouTube, this commercial of epic historical status will remain etched in digital stone to warp the minds of our youth yet again. Viewer beware; if you are from the 1970's and fresh out of the conservative time machine you may find the following content offensive!

Video content: Banned 1970 Dodge Charger commercial

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Source: National Automotive News Examiner

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