Brand new Corvette driven into ocean

In Pacific Beach, California a yellow C6 Corvette was driven through the beach and into the ocean by a drunk driver. Being that the Corvette was wrecked into salt water, this is a complete loss as the salt water going into the engine instantly ruins the car. Salt corrosion in the engine and on all of the chassis and interior creates a complete loss, just as seen previously when a Bugatti Veyron was driven into a salt water lake in Texas. This isn't the first time a Corvette has been lost to the depths of the deep blue. A similar accident happened in Florida when a C6 Corvette was wrecked into swamp waters. This trend of driving supercars into water has got to stop! According to the YouTube description, the owners were doing donuts and tried to skimboard the Corvette. Obviously they failed!

When seeing vehicular abuse such as this, I begin to wonder what exactly goes through people's minds when they get behind the wheel of a vehicle. Motorists and enthusiasts that appreciate and respect their vehicles wouldn't dream of driving them drunk, let alone sinking them into a salty grave. Abuse and neglect of such vehicles always raises the question of insurance fraud. Blaming a salt water splash on a mysterious "critter" or random pedestrian is typically the claim used for a soggy insurance claim. Here's an idea, give the car to someone that actually appreciates the vehicle such as myself. I'm open to accepting any supercar donations you may have! I assure you the vehicle will be pampered daily with waxing via only the most expensive diapers money can buy.

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Source: Tampa Sports Car Examiner

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