C6 Corvette nose dives into mud pit

Watching a fresh C6 Corvette nose dive into the mud pit of Bubba Fest 2008 is a horror for any Corvette enthusiast. From here on out, that particular chassis is doomed to keep finding little mud cake surprises thanks to one night of drunken fun. I wonder how much damage was really done? If you look at how steep that entry is into the mud pit, it's easy to see the Corvette will bottom out at several points. Smashing into a pit of mud at 20 mph is going to break some plastic for sure, this is like committing Corvette suicide. Some cars just aren't built for the mud!

The reason behind this is crazy act of Corvette blasphemy is unknown, but I think I know why he did it. Why did this dude ditch his clean Corvette into a mud pit? Because it's good, clean fun. (Not really!) Take a look at the picture for my profile, I stuck my Subaru in the mud just like that. Sure it damages stuff, but that can be repaired. There's a slight difference between a Subaru and Corvette, but it's still the same basic idea. Sports cars have no place going into 4x4 territory.

Video content: C6 Corvette nose dives into mud pit

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Source: Tampa Sports Car Examiner

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