Camaro mullet music video

There's nothing better to capture the horsepower through the t-tops than using you're very own mullet. Only made in the great USA, the Camaro mullet is a timeless statement of your love for the Camaro. Don't like the mullet? Buy a Camaro and some good classic metal and you'll too soon be riding the mullet wave. When I owned a Camaro, I wasn't a big fan of the mullet but soon the trend grew on me. Within a couple of months, my CD's were filled with songs from the 1980's and I found myself rocking a mullet and denim cut off. Life is good!

Watch classic Camaro commercials here!

Sure the mullet is funny to some people, but don't knock it until you try it! I myself prefer the Kentucky Waterfall. It's a nice yet sporting clip, perfect for all situations fun and professional. Fans of the mullet need to ban together and fight to save this endangered creature. Advances from the north have cut the mullet almost completely out of style, which is leading to a quick mullet migration back into the deep south. For all that is good about the Camaro and mullet, I bring you The Camaro mullet song. The small seats made our d***s look gigantic!

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