Camaro snow plow in action!

We just celebrated Labor Day, and we all know what that means. To most people, it's the kickoff to the holiday seasons of shopping and feasts. To the sports car enthusiasts living in the cold north this means it is time to store your sports car or get ready for hell on the roads. The most popular car that is found sliding it's way through traffic is the Chevrolet Camaro. Known for it's horrible winter traction, the Camaro typically can't even grab traction in automatic drive let alone traverse ice covered highways at speed.

These things are just outright terrible on winter roads, and you have to be careful or your destination will be the ditch. Honestly, the best place for them is snuggled away in the garage under a car cover. The true Camaro enthusiast will always choose storage if possible. Ah, the lost Camaros gone to a salt-ridden purgatory. (Pours one out for the DD winter Camaro)

Being that the Camaro is such a bad vehicle for the wintry terrain, how in the world can this car manage to be a snow plow? If you drive over the same area time and time again, eventually the snow packs down. Ineffective, slow, and dangerous yes - but it still works if you must. Enjoy this following video and get ready for another winter of cold snow, dirty slush, and stick salt clinging to the inside of your fenders. Yuck!

Video content: Camaro snow plow in action!

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Source: Tampa Sports Car Examiner

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