Camaro totaled by cell phones!

Finally we get to see the finished product of why a load of cell phones were dropped on a decent condition fourth generation legend. The Camaro isn't a vehicle that should be used to promote salvaged cell phone sales, it's a god of speed and squire of handling. They aren't worthy of such abuse, but yet in this commercial some unknown cell phone company decided to smash one up to get their name out. Well it worked, and there's been over 150,000 cumulative views driven spread out over several web videos of this demeaning act upon one of the Detroit gods.

Was it worth it? Was the commercial really that good it was worthy of being in the same reel as the death of a pristine American champion? No, this commercial is terrible and looks like a community college project gone wrong.  The only thing cool about this commercial is we get to watch a Camaro snuff film. Sure the Camaro used wasn't the most expensive one out there, but it appeared to be in pretty good shape. In another 30 to 40 years, that car could have been worth something and been toted around like a parade float everywhere it goes. But no, alas, it's been weight raped by a crate of old cell phones like a fat guy sitting on a Twinkie. Anyone want some cream filling?

Video content: Camaro totaled by cell phones!

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Source: Tampa Sports Car Examiner

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