College gone wild! Students burn and flip BMW

In what is rumored to be the craziest form of college hazing yet, a group of college students flipped over and set ablaze a perfectly good 2000 BMW 5 Series. Burning just a few feet from the frat house, this poor BMW was the victim of a college prank gone bad. Clearly illustrated in the video, the typical alcoholic induced fraternity chaos was properly converted into a pyrotechnic display of burned German perfection. My only question is, why a BMW? Couldn't you guys have set on fire a vehicle of lesser magnitude? Sure the 2000 5-Series isn't exactly a beemer in it's prime, but it's still a BMW rich with heritage.

After the stunt has been performed, finally the fire department shows up, but by then it's way too late for this BMW. BMW's burning aren't exactly rare, but intentional blazing is totally abnormal. For example, look at this BMW 3 series as it burns and smolders.

BMW's burning is somewhat regular, but to actually set one on fire is crazy, madness, and it's just wrong; oh the rapture! Most people won't take a perfectly good BMW and set it on fire; but these aren't normal people we're talking about. This chaos is direct from the fraternal order of disorderly collegiate, ironically those who control the future of the free world. What will the future of the world hold when this generation gains power? Honestly, I'm scared to imagine it.

Video content: College gone wild! Students burn and flip BMW

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 Source: Tampa Sports Car Examiner

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