Corvette exhaust chorale!

There's nothing more beautiful than the raspy sound of a Corvette's exhaust. What can be better than Corvette exhaust? Eight Corvette's exhausting a beautiful symphony of Corvette goodness upon the land. Listen with your ears as your mechanical heart is delighted by the twin Corvette quartet. Video can't do justice, but at least we can get an idea of what these amazing machines sound like when grouped together. It reminds me of when a race announcer says "start your cars", and all of the race cars fire up. It's a beastly sound, worthy of the 56 liter total displacement.

With over 4,000 horsepower of cumulative power, this Corvette presence is quite powerful. Most of them are stock, but there's one in there who clearly is not. With just a slight modification of the exhaust and intake, when these mods are tweaked with a tune the Corvette comes alive! From the factory they're pretty aggressive, but there's no replacement for fuel and timing mods. The bolt ons are great, but it's really all in your tune. Enjoy the following Corvette exhaust symphony, it's quite the pleasure indeed.

Video content: Corvette exhaust chorale!

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Source: Tampa Sports Car Examiner

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