EV car races EV motorcycle!

It's been a while since Citroen has released a mind blowing vehicle that takes the world by storm, and the Survolt EV just might be the car for the job. The technology in this vehicle is only surpassed by it's outstanding looks and very high demanding curb appeal. A much more powerful ride than the Tesla Roadster, the Citroen Survolt has a top speed of 165 miles per hour and can reach sixty miles per hour in under five seconds. Completely powered by electricity, the Survolt has two electric motors that create a total power rating of 300 brake horsepower from zero to five thousand RPM's.

How practical can this car be? Currently there is only six of them produced, at a whopping $1.8M each. With a range of 124 miles and a two hour recharge time, the Survolt exceeds the Tesla but costs much more. This vehicle isn't really a direct competition for the Tesla Roadster due to it's outlandish price tag and extremely minimal availability. However, should Citroen decide to go into full production and drop the cost to a comparable range with the Tesla, we might just see Tesla lose some market share.

What is Tesla's answer to this advancement by Citroen? Nothing so far, just as they did with the Dodge Circuit EV. The problem with the Dodge Circuit EV and the Citroen Survolt is that they are both simply concepts and not in full production. Right now, you can pick up a Tesla Roadster from any high end used car lot; good luck finding the Survolt anywhere but a Citroen laboratory. The tables of the EV world are changing, but not quick enough to knock Tesla off their pedestal for EV sports car performance. They are slow, but they are the only one out there; so who is to race them?

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