Ferrari F430 cooked well done

With all the talk of Ferrari fires lately, it's no surprise there's a video surfacing on YouTube that shows the burnt remains of what used to be a Ferrari F430. This is the second Ferrari F430 fire video posted in the past year, see the first one here. Bringing a whole new meaning to the "fire horse", Ferrari fires are getting to be pretty common, especially on the Italia. The F430 isn't too renown for being the world's most expensive bbq pit, but obviously anything can happen. Remember the Ferrari Enzo fire that burnt to the frame on the side of the road? That's Ferrari's best sports car, their flagship, and even it caught on fire. Does this speak badly of Ferrari craftsmanship, suggesting that maybe it's not as good as what we think? The recent 458 Italia fires surely don't speak well of the brand, but they "recalled" the cars so it's okay. Lamborghini has just as many fires, let's not forget the twin fires on I-95 and the fire at a Miami BP gas station.

So are Italian exotics garbage now? Absolutely not! It doesn't help, but I wouldn't say Ferrari and other Italian exotics are junk just because of a few engine fires. When you consider the average RPM of a Ferrari, it's amazing that more of them don't catch on fire. Fires typically occur due to overheating and wear on fuel line gaskets and hoses. Once there's a fuel leak, that's it; the car is gone! Due to their high performance nature, if a Ferrari blows a fuel line there's enough fuel pressure there to soak the entire engine bay very quickly. Blown fuel lines plus a hot exhaust manifold equal "bbq time". If you enjoy your Ferrari well done, you might enjoy some of these other clips!

Video content: Ferrari F430 cooked well done

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Source: Tampa Sports Car Examiner

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