Ferrari F430 wreck caught on video!

Racing at an incredible rate of speed, a beautiful Ferrari F430 crash occurred! Even wrecks occur to the best of drivers, and by watching this film I can tell that this is not a novice behind the wheel. Extreme speed, precision, and control are shown throughout the clip all the way up until the point of impact. What exactly caused the accident? The driver took the corner too quickly while riding the inside bumper, removing traction from the vehicle and thus inducing an unforgiving slide. A quick correction wasn't even enough to save this Ferrari as the inertia had already transferred and altered the vehicles direction. Once the weight transfer occurs, there's not much that can be done except holding on for the ride of your life.

Thanks to some great photography by, we get to see the crash footage from multiple angles. The hit looks like it was pretty hard, enough to almost knock the driver out. After the initial impact, he pretty much goes limp which tells me he's out for the count. Watching the video you can see he absorbed the majority of the impact energy, so it's not surprising that he blacked out momentarily.

The aftermath footage shows a pretty scraped up side, busted bumper, broken mirror, torn fender, and some possible steering and suspension damage due to the massive impact. I must say though, from the looks of the impact I'm pretty impressed at the Ferrari's resilience to damage. This F430 is by no means totaled, and can be repaired for an estimated $30,000 to $40,000 according to my inside source of this wreck. What's most important is that the driver and passenger are okay, and live to race another day!

Video content: Ferrari F430 wreck caught on video!

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Source: Tampa Sports Car Examiner

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