Front wheel drive drifting FAIL!

In the great land of China, there are many beauties and items of rarity. However, this Chinese FWD drifting style is definitely not one of them. I've seen a lot of variations in drifting techniques such as Japanese, Turkish, Russian, American, German, and Saudi; but this kid's FWD drifting to represent the Chinese drift style is a joke. Using a front wheel drive Geely sedan, this teenage drifting superstar from China hits the dirt roads touge style and blazes through them by using the emergency brake. I'm typically one to appreciate most styles of drifting, but this is just ridiculous and isn't even worthy of the title "drifting".

Why bash on this? Because using the e-brake takes no skill and anyone can do it. He's also "drifting" (if you can call it that) on dirt roads, so the speeds don't have to be as high and the skill to maintain the car on the road is not as demanding. Face it, we've seen better drifting while watching our dogs drag their hinds on the carpet. That's basically what's going on here; the car is pulling dead weight using the front wheels just like a dog uses it's front paws to satisfy that impossible itch. When you get to around 2:12 in the video, try not to fall out of your chair laughing. It gets pretty ugly!

Video content: Front wheel drive drifting FAIL!

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Source: Tampa Sports Car Examiner

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