How to launch 2012 Ford Mustang Boss 302

I recently took a trip to the Ford Proving Grounds in Romeo, Michigan and had the opportunity to try out launch control on the 2012 Ford Mustang Boss 302. Overall it was pretty easy to use, and the functionality is great. Initializing the launch control program is a simple yet secretive process; there are no obvious buttons to activate launch control. Once you know the secret recipe of buttons, you can easily dial it in on the steering wheel without any of the passengers even knowing. How cool!

After setting launch control, just let the clutch out a little bit until it grabs and then let it completely go. The car will lurch forward and rip through first gear very swiftly! The tires burn but with the a perfect amount of grip. Grabbing and pulling about half way through first, using launch control can really put you ahead of the race. If you can carry that pace forward, a keen LC junky will always win. Hitting second once you are used to the short throw shift is a breeze. Timing it with the power curve, the Boss 302 reacts delightfully to speed shifting and is perfect for the aggressive driver!

Video content: 2012 Mustang launch control @ 5k RPM

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