How to parallel park ricer style!

There's plenty of cool ways to parallel park, but only one way that is considered the "ricer" way. Don't think that by referring to a car as a ricer that it immediately assumes a negative connotation. Ricer anymore can be used as a way to describe a certain style of vehicle, presence, and now parallel parking. Read the definition of a ricer by clicking here. Watch as this neon orange, riced-out Honda Civic shows us the ricer way to park.

Backing into the parking space, the ricer immediately activates the e-brake once stopped at a 45 degree angle. Turning the wheels all the way towards the curb, he then drops the clutch and starts spinning the tires. With the e-brake holding the rear of the vehicle in place, the spinning action of the front tires allows the car to slide into a parallel parking space with ease. Looking for a good way to shock your driver's ED instructor? Show him your fancy wheelman skills and use this parallel parking technique for an instant pass. We all know the point of driver's ED is to show of your street racing skills, right?

Video content: How to parallel park ricer style!

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 Source: Tampa Sports Car Examiner

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