Lamborghini Gallardo races jet powered scooter

In the spirit of celebrating the odd, watching a jet powered Vespa scooter race against the infamous Lamborghini Gallardo is quite a visual treat. Held together by Swedish ingenuity and a few planks of wood, the jet powered Vespa puts out about 40 pounds of thrust in addition to the stock engine's minor output. Is this enough to race against one of the most highly regarded sports cars in the world? Sure, if the Lambo owner doesn't open it up right away. Special thanks to Streetfire Sam for sending this video our way!

By use of a micro gas turbine, the Vespa is allowed that additional top speed boost where the stock motor falls off. Scooter motors, typically around 50cc and of a two-stroke design have a decent low end but suffer incredibly considering top speed. With a high RPM output and a centrifugal gear, most scooters can reach anywhere from thirty to fifty miles per hour with a basic 50cc design. Scooters of a higher caliber can reach upwards of sixty to seventy miles per hour, however, these scooters have a much larger output and thus the difference in speed. And then there is the jet powered Vespa, breaking all the rules and blasting through the quarter mile at astounding speeds.

Video content: Lamborghini Gallardo races jet powered scooter

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Source: Tampa Sports Car Examiner

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