Lifted Ford Mustang breaks axle while mudding

What's more fun than seeing a classic Ford Mustang lifted and then beaten to the limit? A great way to enjoy your afternoon, watching this following clip is a great show of motorist heroics. This Mustang takes that adventure to the next level by adding two massive exhaust stacks out of the hood and running at high RPM throughout nearly the entire run! Then all the fun and glory goes sour when the rear driveshaft breaks. Not giving up, the driver continues to push the car despite the violent action of the busted shaft!

A busted shaft behind that amount of power can easily become a dangerous entity. It sounds like this machine has quite a bit of power, especially at high RPM as the vehicle brutes its way through the thick mud. What do you think about this video? It kind of sucks to see that classic Mustang put through such nasty treatment, but then again that's a vehicle living in prime glory. Breaking that shaft was probably pretty fun, I say mission accomplished. If you aren't breaking stuff, you aren't doing it right! Enjoy the following clip as the lifted Ford Mustang breaks an axle during some extreme mud-action.

Video content: Lifted Ford Mustang breaks axle while mudding

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Source: Tampa Sports Car Examiner

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