Nissan 350z wrecked and flipped while drifting!

The Nissan 350Z is one of those vehicles that handles so well it can be bad for your health. During the NOS forum fest at the Pacific Raceway this summer, a Nissan 350Z was drifting through the curves of PR and took a nasty spill. Entering a very sharp corner sideways with too much speed, the Nissan tried to correct it's path but ended up flipping through the air. Once the stiff suspension of the Nissan hit the soft terrain of Pacific Raceway, the car dug into the ground and went airborne. So is the life of a drifter!

The background on this story based on YouTube comments is that the car was repairable, and the driver was okay. Previously installing a roll cage before this event, a bit of the luck element was involved in keeping the driver and car in moderately safe condition. Without a roll cage, the chassis could have been crunched into non-repair as well as the driver. Drifting is fun, but it's also incredibly dangerous. There is many reasons why drifters should use proper safety equipment and only a few reasons not to; good thing this driver was using a cage!

Many times, safety equipment such as racing seats, helmets, harnesses, and roll cages are overlooked due to their price. It's not cheap to buy equipment and install a cage, but I'm sure it costs less than your life. Is your life worth a $3,000 investment? In all reality, safety equipment is very cheap considering the alternative life altercations and medical expenses should the unthinkable occur. No matter how good of a driver you are, even the best wreck eventually. Let this be a lesson in safety equipment, use it or lose it!

Video content: Nissan 350z wrecked and flipped while drifting!

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