Nissan flips and keeps going!

In an attempt to pass another racer, a fully built Nissan Altima race car from the Nissan Alta racing series was flipped over numerous times only to keep on going! Even though it was flipped, the fully built Nissan still had the resilience to keep driving until the pits. Finishing the second half of the lap, you can start to see the ailments rear their ugly little heads. Shaking, sputtering, and debris floating about, the car did keep going but barely. How did it manage to take this accident like a champ? It's all in the cage.

There are two types of racing cages that you can use. One is a roll cage; the other is a crash cage. These two are typically confused with one another, but they are actually quite different. A roll cage is basically a bar that goes through the middle of the vehicle and keeps the structure sound during a roll over event like what we have here. Roll cages are typically three to seven point, and are only good for minimal impact protection but do provide the extra structure required during a roll to prevent the vehicle from collapsing.

Crash cages take the ante up to the next level, and are ten plus point. These cages protect during the event of an impact as well as a roll, protecting the driver and passenger in nearly all forms of accidents. These are built and designed like a triangulated fortress around the occupants and can handle impact speeds up to 80+ mph if properly designed. Found in motorsports such as rallycross, monster trucks, and various automotive racing, the crash cage is what most consider a "man's cage". If you need a real crash cage, you are totally pushing the limit. If you require only a roll cage, you're not going fast enough!

Video content: Nissan flips and keeps going!

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Source: Tampa Sports Car Examiner

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