Nissan GT-R takes on snow covered Nurburgring

A Nissan GT-R running around the Nurburgring is a normal sight now days. However, combine those same two variables with snow and you have something monumental. Tackling the Nurburgring is tough enough with dry pavement, imagine driving on it while it's covered in snow and ice. This Nissan GT-R owner has no fear and trusts fully in Nissan's all-wheel drive system. Quickly traversing the "white" hell, Nissan GT-R history was made and we get to watch it on tape. The vehicle handled surprisingly well considering the adverse conditions!

Many have tempted the Nurburgring only to fail miserably. This Nissan GT-R shows us that even in the face of mother nature's most fierce conditions, the technology of Nissan can surpass the elements. Snow, ice, hills, and random curve cambers all tempt the vehicle to drive astray yet Nissan's all-wheel drive keeps the vehicle moving in a straight path. Nothing can stop Godzilla!

The driver also plays a key role, and must feather the brake and accelerator while selecting the correct gear to keep the vehicle moving. Slowing down ahead of curves and planning ahead is key when traveling a snow covered road. Once the driver hits the Nurburgring straights, he's off! Zooming past the camera man at a decent rate of speed, you get a pure feeling of what Nissan's new GT-R is all about. It's all-wheel drive perfection! Enjoy the following clip as the Nissan GT-R tackles a snowy Nurburgring.

Video content: Nissan GT-R races snowy Nurburgring

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Source: Tampa Sports Car Examiner

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