Old pervert + Bugatti Veyron = win!

The Bugatti Veyron is the fastest production car in the world, but it's also the best car for old men to pick up young babes; or even hookers! In the following video, we get to watch as an old Englishman scores a hot blonde's telephone number after what seems to be an offer for paid sex. According to the local witnesses, it's said that the girl came running out into the street to get the man's attention as he was stopped in traffic. They chatted for a bit, and then he moved in to bag a sidewalk trout. Witness accounts say that the old man used the line, "this car cost 1.2 million pounds, is that enough for you?"

Most enthusiasts would agree that whoring out your sports car to land sidewalk trouts is just lame. Most women that you'll pickup like this are, and I quote from a YouTube comment, "gold diggers and women who so shallow you could paddle in them." If it's not a gold digger, then it's probably a prostitute. I'm sure this sporting chap has an old lady at home that is going to have his berries in the blender as soon as she sees this video!

Whether this was a pickup line or an invitation for prostitution remains to be a mystery as the line he used is carefully balanced on legality. Prostitution as defined by USlegal.com, "the commission by a person of any natural or unnatural sexual act, deviate sexual intercourse, or sexual contact for monetary consideration or other thing of value". Was this prostitution or just some rich guy using his money to hit on a hot blond? Comment your thoughts below.

Video content: Old pervert + Bugatti Veyron = win!

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Source: Tampa Sports Car Examiner

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