Onboard footage of 'Saudi Drift'

Saudi drift is the newest form of drifting to hit the streets. If you've been reading my column, you know what Saudi drift is all about. The main goal, as defined here, is to slide the car across the road as fast as possible, and finish it off with a spin. However many spins you perform, the better. If you can spin a 720 degree rotation and keep the car moving, you have just completed the ultimate Saudi drift. We've all seen the clips from the outside, but what goes on inside of the vehicles? Riding along with one of the best Saudi drifters named "M3AND", we get a great view of what it's like to drift it up Saudi style.

There are two different locations that one can drift Saudi style according to Facebook friend Terad, either front wheel drive or rear wheel drive. The most common is FWD on a vacant road at a Saudi Drift meet, using rented or stolen vehicles to drift around 140 miles per hour. This is considered practice, and the real challenge takes place on the packed highways of Saudi Arabia. Drifting between vehicles, this is considered the ultimate and it puts the driver and occupants staring square in the face of death, along with innocent lives. This side of Saudi drift is considered more taboo and less professional, mainly because it endangers the lives of innocent bystanders.

The second style is using a rear wheel drive platform, typically a higher end model vehicle such as BMW's and Mercedes. These guys typically own the vehicles and perform the drift at lower speeds, around 70 miles per hour. This is the less taboo style as it takes place in a more controlled environment than the FWD Saudi drift. The following clip of "M3AND" gives us a great idea of what it's like to drive the FWD style Saudi drift. As crazy as it may be, these guys are extremely talented and have perfected high speed vehicle control. I believe that one day Saudi drift will be a sanctioned vehicular sport. Are we watching what is to be considered the "vintage" footage of a soon popular world sport? Only time will tell!

Video content: Onboard footage of 'Saudi Drift'

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