Peugeot 106 jumps Jaguar!

Jumping a very small Peugeot 106 over a Jaguar, stuntman MasterMilo82 cleared the obstacle but failed on the landing. Jumps like this and other backyard home style jumps are much more difficult to land due to the lack of budget. High dollar jumps like the Travis Pastrana New Year's Eve jump are carefully planned out and simulated both on computer and in real life for the driver and crew beforehand. Jumps like this Peugeot 106 to me are more fun to watch due to the lack of planning and the high probability of chaos. If it's chaos you want, it's chaos you've got!
Long before the Peugeot even hit the ramp I could smell trouble. Just by how everything was setup it's obviously going to nose plow. The car isn't balanced, the ramp isn't angled correctly, and the speed is way too high to perform a soft landing. Even if they had the trajectory setup correctly, there is no landing ramp to reduce the initial impact force. This video is some sever backyard hooliganism topped off with a round of beers at the end, cheers! Discuss this article with

Video content: Peugeot 106 jumps Jaguar!

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Source: Tampa Sports Car Examiner

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