Pissed off elderly woman takes out deli with E-Class!

In Queens, NY a late model Mercedes-Benz E-Class has crashed into a kosher deli while being driven by an elderly woman. The woman was in her eighties and still behind the wheel of a very powerful car. Some on YouTube are questioning why someone so old would want anything to do with such a powerful car. In circumstances like this, it's understandable how she smashed through the deli and took out half the restaurant; they were having a sale on baked ham! Who's not crashing through the deli to get $2.00 off per pound of sweet, luscious, juicy, gold baked honey ham. Don't forget, Boar's Head is the best!

All cold cut jokes aside, the elderly woman was taken to the hospital but was in good shape. The car appeared to also be in really good shape for just smashing through a building, something you will only get in a Mercedes-Benz. These cars are like tanks, and this video totally proves their tank-ish-ness. On a scale of one to ten, I give this building smash an eight.

Video content: Pissed off elderly woman takes out deli with E-Class!

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Source: Tampa Sports Car Examiner

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