Porsche attacked by wild turkeys!

This year, the turkeys have turned to anarchy and are revolting against Thanksgiving. They are sick of the slaughter, and are taking it out on our fellow Porsche owner. Watching the fowl turn foul, these big birds were caught on tape strutting their stuff and defending their territory. Turkeys are infamous for being grouchy, and it looks like these guys are living up to their name. Once the Porsche decides to retreat, the turkeys still pursue. The turkeys have taken this Porsche hostage, in lieu of a few demands.

The turkey nation demands that we convert the national bird for Thanksgiving into ducks, because ducks are lazy good for nothing bottom feeders. The turkeys also demand we convert all Thanksgiving propaganda suggesting the slaughter of turkeys into praising the turkey. This year, the turkeys wish to be honored and not slaughtered. That's their demands, and until they are met the Porsche and it's owner will remain hostages with hourly peckings. We don't want to see the bumper destroyed of this beautiful Porsche, so we had better give into their demands.

Video content: Porsche attacked by wild turkeys!

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Source: Tampa Sports Car Examiner

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