Prius burning pyros on the loose!

How a vehicle reacts to fire is often overlooked, and due to the drastic increase in pyromania, your vehicle's flame resistance should be an option considered. Thanks to the new lightweight "go green" design, the majority of the exterior panels on modern vehicles are made of a polymer that isn't fire safe. Since polymers are a petroleum based product, they can catch on fire; and when they do look out! We all know that burning plastics is bad for the environment, so why is this overlooked on what we consider environmentally friendly vehicles?

If people are going around and setting cars on fire, I'd be pretty upset if a pyro came and set a rag on fire under my fender and my whole car went up. Why didn't they incorporate some kind of flame retardant resin into the polymer sunday? It was probably the same engineer who built the death-by-wire throttle system. The accomplishments of the modern automotive industry are impressive, but sometimes you just have to sit back and laugh. Special thanks to for hosting this awesome video! Watch out for fire hungry Prius burning pyros, they can be lurking anywhere.

Video content: Prius burning pyros on the loose!

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Source: Tampa Sports Car Examiner

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