Ricer FAIL: Nissan 350z "fire crotch"

This Nissan 350z ricer is the textbook definition of the term "ricer". What is a ricer you might ask? It's any vehicle that is obnoxiously modified for appearance only, and has no performance modifications at all. Think you need a giant plexiglass and aluminum wing for a stock vehicle? That's ricer. Do you need blue tinted tail lights? Ricer. How about a huge obnoxious paint job down the side of the car? You guessed it, rice. Even though this is taboo, we must respect it as the ricer culture is quickly gaining strength. Take a look at this slideshow of ricer pictures and you'll quickly see that ricing is more popular than you think.

If you thought ricers were a fad of the late 1990's and early 00's, you were wrong. The ricing has continued well into 2010, and it's mostly thanks to the Bosozoku movement out of Japan, Fast and Furious movies, and cheap Chinese parts made readily accessible by Ebay. Some people like this kind of style, and I respect that. It's just not for me, or most other automotive enthusiasts. But hey, it's you're car. Do what you want with it!

Video content: Nissan 350Z "fire crotch"

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Source: Tampa Sports Car Examiner

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