Sexy European drifting advertisement

A bold advertisement for the Eastern European Drifting Championship, the use of sex appeal combined with mechanic wonder has yielded yet another astonishing propaganda clip. An extraordinary concept that is always successful when applied, it's almost hard to imagine the motorsports world without the sexy models. When it comes to the world of drifting, the only thing sexier than a car sliding sideways is when you combine that sideways car with a model. This following clip is an example of the brighter side of motorsports - but sometimes it gets ugly.

Drifting is quite the insane sport. It pushes the limit of logic and comprehension for some, creating an illusion of an imminent wreck. Some people just aren't cut out for drifting and end up soiling themselves such as the pit girl incident I previously covered. Disgusting but true, drifting is a sport that challenges a part of the brain that sometimes can't be trained. Either you can drift - or you can't.  This video shows the passenger freaking out, but all she does is scream - no soiling. Could she actually drift the car herself? Probably not.

Video content: Sexy European drifting advertisement

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Source: Tampa Sports Car Examiner

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