Street racing in South Africa

Little is known about street racing outside of the United States, but thanks to YouTube and the internet we get to see what the performance builds and street racing scene is like outside of the border. In places like Saudi Arabia, Jeddah is known for its elaborate builds and flashy designs and high speed drifting sport called "Saudi drift". India's performance scene is geared more towards smaller vehicles, such as the Tata Indica turn out to be pretty good for their size. Sure they're not a beast of performance, but once at speed they can handle corners and unstable terrain fair for their size and price.

People put their performance to the test all around the world.  In Turkey, they go drifting from police and have fun with interstate hit and runs during an illegal street race. Then there is Lebanon with a BMW 325 turbo swap Peugeot 104, which is capable of running incredible times and blowing away high powered motorcycles.  Jamaica is very similar, as they too practice performance with JDM and Euro models that create tons of power. Despite the general lack of performance part access, enthusiasts across the globe continue to show their passion the timeless sport of racing.

Yes my friends, the world of street racing and automotive performance is vast and well beyond the boundaries of major manufacturing countries. Now we have South Africa to add to the list! South Africa appears to be a community geared towards high power, and the passion for racing. Africa hosts many rallycross events, and the racing community is a thriving mass of gear head fans!

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