Subaru Impreza WRX rainy touge run!

Watching this night time touge run through a Taiwan mountainside is a great example of how a well built Impreza can handle even the most nasty of roadways. The roads in this video aren't exactly perfect, and yet the Greddy TD06 20G turbo EJ20 engine was able to blast down it with ease. By the way the car is riding, it's safe to assume that the suspension has been modified with a sway bar and possible coilover upgrade. Just listen to that scoob howl, it's amazing! Despite the rainy conditions, the Impreza always shows it's best. Check out when the Honda S2000 tried to compete against the WRX in the rain, it was a hoot! Obviously AWD pwned on the RWD that day.

Beyond traction, the turbo upgrade on this WRX is ideal, and there's a slew of other upgrades that are required such as fuel injectors, rails, manifold, fuel pump, free flowing exhaust, and an ECU tune to accommodate this much larger turbo. It's not as big as the rotated turbos, but the 20g still creates plenty of power. On a full build with methanol injection, one can expect anywhere from 400 to 500 awhp from 19 to 24 pounds of boost. It's not monster amounts of boost, but it's just enough for the boxer. Hold on to your keyboard for this run, it's long and very fun.

Video content: Subaru Impreza WRX rainy touge run

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Source: Tampa Sports Car Examiner

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