Ugly Mustang Donk!

I have seen some ugly cars in my time as a blogger, but this is by far the worst. A blend of 4x4 and donk, combined with a ricer's tactic at high performance on a fox body Mustang has got to be the ugliest vehicle in the world. It's not a donk, it's not a 4x4, what is this thing? The interior says donk, but the exterior says off road. Built on a Bronco chassis, this poor Mustang is just as confused as we are. What would make someone want to ruin a perfectly good vehicle? I don't think it's just one person that's responsible for this atrocity. No, this is several owners making modifications which end up turning into a giant mess.

If you're going to call it a donk, put some rims on it - not off road tires. If you're going to call it off road, don't put ostrich donk style interior in it. This vehicle is definitely unique, and I'm usually supportive of spirited modification; but this is just a mess. There's a rule of thumb in the modification world that says to pick a specific mod genre and stick with it. Pick one theme and go big! Don't dabble in a few themes, because it will turn out looking like yesterday's mandarin oranges. A disease to the Mustang name, I give you the lifted Mustang 4x4 donk.

Video content: Ugly Mustang Donk!

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