Corvette fail: wrecked during pre-stage burnout

After giving a brief spin to the tires, this Corvette owner decided it would be cool to combine the front of his 'Vette with the center guard rail. Traveling from zero to guard rail fail in about 1.2 seconds, this has got to be the fastest a Corvette has ever been wrecked on the drag strip! Watching the video closer, you can see the stupidity taking place long before the actual accident. Wait for it... wait for it... there! Watch the front wheels right before the crash- you'll see they're pointed directly at the guard rail.

If you didn't know this before, where you point a vehicle's front wheels is typically the path the car will take. Okay, we all know that - everyone except the guy in the Corvette. Sure he was probably just correcting the burnout and trying to keep the car straight; but there's a piece of the story that has gone untold. It is rumored that the vehicle's traction control was having issues, and the driver knew of this long before he went for the pre-stage burnout. Word to the wise - if you are having issues with traction control, don't do a pre-stage burnout in your $70,000 sports car. Otherwise, you'll end up on my column as yet another story of pathetic failure.

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Source: Tampa Sports Car Examiner

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