'POVtestdrive.com' virtual driving database

Another great SubyPAL.com production, this multiple video series of POV test drive footage has provided viewers with informative and exciting vehicle test drive samples! A vast collection of viral web videos, website "POVtestdrive.com" is a new type of "driving simulator" that offers a unique perspective on today's hottest vehicles.

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Why just read about it when you can actually drive it? That's the thinking behind POVtestdrive.com. For example, the following POV clip features a 600 whp Subaru Impreza WRX performing a 0-60 launch using "PPG" gears. This setup is notorious for big power and is one of the fastest launching vehicles in the world. A rare vehicle that would typically set a driver back a cool $50,000 to experience, now you get to experience it for free thanks to POV test drive technology by POVtestdrive.com!

POV sample: "600 whp WRX PPG gear launch"
Pretty cool, huh? That's what I think too. Allowing you the viewer to actually experience what the vehicle is like to operate from the driver's perspective is very fun! 

What is POV?
POV stands for "point of view". Point of view is in reference to the perspective of which the audience sees or understands. POV test drive videos are shot in the first person point of view from the perspective of the driver, providing the audience with the ultimate in reality video. Driving some of today's hottest vehicles, POV test drive footage submerses viewers into various worlds, vehicles, and experiences. Covering everything from trucks to sports cars, below you will find an active list of all official "POVtestdrive.com" footage!

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        It gets even better!
        POV test drive footage is best viewed by using a pair of virtual reality or "video" glasses. Don't have a pair of VR glasses? That's okay too because you can view the videos on YouTube just like any regular video. For those of you who are using Google TV or other television internet browsers, POV test drive footage works exceptionally well with surround sound home theaters and larger televisions. Computer screens, smartphones, virtual reality glasses, iPads, and more are all excellent sources of viewing POV test drive footage.

        About POVtestdrive.com

        Created by original POV test drive pioneer and automotive journalist Michael Berenis, POV test drive footage is a new and unique method of capturing a vehicle's driving experience and transferring it through a medium to the audience with minimal reality loss. Stop reading about what it is like to drive a vehicle and actually see it for yourself!

        Contact information (Always available for manufacturer press events!):

        Michael Berenis
        Automotive Journalist &  POV Videographer

        Tel: 352-678-7373
        Tampa, Florida
        Email: michaelberenis@hotmail.com
        "Tampa Sports Car Examiner"
        "National Automotive News Examiner"
        CarDomain.com Contributor

        The ultimate sleeper WRX STi turbo

        Inspired from the minds of Subaru enthusiasts and performance gurus alike, the Turbobay performance FTW-GT30 turbocharger is what most would call a "god". Running a wolf in sheep's clothing, the FTW-GT30 turbocharger started as a blown Force Performance Green, aka "FP Green" and has since then been converted into what most would consider a GT30R.

        Video content: The Blown FP Green from 06 STi

        When you blow what most would consider to be the best turbocharger on the market, what else is left? The FTW-GT30 is a billet compressor wheel and shaft with a journal bearing. Perfect for longevity and ease of repair, the overall design basics of this turbo is big CFM, short spool time, and utmost reliability. Starting as a life-long enthusiast's theory, refined by an engineer, and finally produced by an experienced turbo builder; the FTW-GT30 was born by Turbobay Performance.

        • Ported 3" FP Green compressor housing
        • GT30 billet compressor wheel
        • Ported 3" inlet
        • Extended compressor wheel
        • Oil/water cooled
        • Plus much more!

        Video content: FP Green sleeper turbo "FTW-GT30"

        What will this turbo do? Intended for both WRX and STi, this is a new generation style of turbocharger that is built to do one thing; allow you to win races. Small on the outside and big on the inside, this quick spooling turbocharger will literally rape, pillage, and plunder! The one you see in the video was built especially for SubyPAL.com from the aforementioned blown FP green. Still appearing to be a standard FP green on the outside, this particular FTW-GT30 allows for mistaken horsepower identity and victory for the owner.

        For more information about FTW, "For the Win" turbochargers by Turbobay Performance, please visit http://www.turbobayperformance.com

        World's biggest golf cart?

        Some of mankind's greatest achievements were merely stumbled upon and totally unintentional. Could the world's biggest golf cart be the next of mankind's seven greatest achievements? The eighth wonder of the world, this custom fabricated golf cart built by Josh Wallentin of J&N Customs in New Port Richey, Florida is totally astounding! Standing a verified twelve feet tall, I have yet to find a bigger golf cart.

        As always, great achievements are surrounded by controversy. A leading topic at supporting forum "Buggies Gone Wild" questions whether or not this even qualifies as a golf cart. What do you think? Join the conversation by visiting the active thread "World record for lifted golf cart?"

        By definition, "A golf cart or golf buggy (called golf car in ANSI standard Z130.1, since "carts" are not self-propelled)[1] is a small vehicle designed originally to carry two golfers and their golf clubs around a golf course or on desert trails with less effort than walking." - Wikipedia

        Is this a golf cart or simply a steel rack with wheels and a golf cart sitting up top? According to CarDomain's Autoholics blog entry "World Record? Biggest Lifted Golf Cart", this may just be a world record. Since that original post, some very funny comments have arisen. Whether you think it is or isn't a golf cart, one must at least admire the creativity and ingenuity it takes to accomplish such a task.

        "I must have missed it, HOW do you get in it? Think it's lifted so high to avoid the gators?" - Autoholics

        As of now, this is the world's biggest golf cart at twelve feet tall. Until another one emerges from the depths of the web, this is the biggest one around. Go ahead and Google your brains out and see if you can find one taller! I've tried and tried but can't find anything. If you do find something, please post it in the comment space below.

         Video content: "World's biggest monster lifted golf cart - 12' tall!"