The ultimate sleeper WRX STi turbo

Inspired from the minds of Subaru enthusiasts and performance gurus alike, the Turbobay performance FTW-GT30 turbocharger is what most would call a "god". Running a wolf in sheep's clothing, the FTW-GT30 turbocharger started as a blown Force Performance Green, aka "FP Green" and has since then been converted into what most would consider a GT30R.

Video content: The Blown FP Green from 06 STi

When you blow what most would consider to be the best turbocharger on the market, what else is left? The FTW-GT30 is a billet compressor wheel and shaft with a journal bearing. Perfect for longevity and ease of repair, the overall design basics of this turbo is big CFM, short spool time, and utmost reliability. Starting as a life-long enthusiast's theory, refined by an engineer, and finally produced by an experienced turbo builder; the FTW-GT30 was born by Turbobay Performance.

  • Ported 3" FP Green compressor housing
  • GT30 billet compressor wheel
  • Ported 3" inlet
  • Extended compressor wheel
  • Oil/water cooled
  • Plus much more!

Video content: FP Green sleeper turbo "FTW-GT30"

What will this turbo do? Intended for both WRX and STi, this is a new generation style of turbocharger that is built to do one thing; allow you to win races. Small on the outside and big on the inside, this quick spooling turbocharger will literally rape, pillage, and plunder! The one you see in the video was built especially for from the aforementioned blown FP green. Still appearing to be a standard FP green on the outside, this particular FTW-GT30 allows for mistaken horsepower identity and victory for the owner.

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