The best rally crashes from 2010

As the 2010 season of rally comes to a close across the globe, one can look back on this year's season and say one thing; there sure was a lot of wrecks! Thanks to the insane growth that the sport of rally and rallycross has experienced recently, there are tons of newbs hitting the course and smashing up their rides. Close calls can only be complimented by the insane audience who stares death square in the eye just to get a glimpse of their favorite sport. The question always arises; who is more crazy? The audience, or the drivers?

Most enthusiasts of motorsports come for the thrills and spills, the latter being the most favored. Ask any fan of any motorsport what their favorite part of that particular sport is - almost every time they'll say "the wrecks!" There is just something about a good wreck that satisfies the human instinct for destruction. As long as no one dies, a wreck is always fun to watch. Unfortunately, although rare the unthinkable can and does occur! So let's all pour out a little bit of gasoline for the fallen soldiers of our passion. Cheers to those who are gone but not forgotten!

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Source: Tampa Sports Car Examiner

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