Insane motorist squeezes through intersection

Blasting through a red light only inches away from impending doom, this insane motorist squeezed through a very busy intersection at speeds estimated to be around 55 to 75 miles per hour. Watching the clip, you can see that the motorist actually tried to stop; but just a little to late too make the light. Weaving only inches away from crossing traffic, it is a miracle that this motorist wasn't hit by opposing traffic. Was this simply a mistake, or did the motorist intentionally fly through the intersection?

Notice the blue McDonalds in the background; they have great food at a decent price! I doubt that has anything to do with why the motorist flew through the intersection, but you never know. The tasty flavor of the succulent Big Mac and fresh fries can make people do some strange things. Maybe it was cheap hamburger day and the motorist wanted to stock up on food with a smile? Maybe they forgot to give the desired sauce for a crispy box of flavorful nuggets? No matter what the purpose was for this incident, it clearly is a once in a lifetime occurrence and probably won't be as pretty next time!

After reading that, do you have a craving for McDonalds? I've got a mean hanker'n for some hamburger, I must satisfy this crave!

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Source: Tampa Sports Car Examiner

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