1100 hp Nissan Skyline R33

The Godzilla of JDM legends, Nissan Skyline R33 has been pumped up with 1100 horsepower and is running the quarter mile at 9.86 seconds. The best run of the day, this R33 features all of the goodies a top performance drag car should have. All-wheel drive outfitted with high performance tires, a parachute, and a plethora of modifications makes this a beast. To bring a Skyline into the nines, it's not easy. It takes both a good driver and a deep wallet to outfit the Nissan with the modifications necessary. It might sound omniscient, but it's not as hard as it looks if you have the proper tools.

Custom part fabrication is key when building a fast vehicle. In essence, custom fabrication is what sets competition apart. This is where the performance skill of builders and engineers shines. It takes more than just "buying power" to get into the nines. Bolt on modifications only go so far, and that's when custom fabrication is key to gaining that extra edge over the competition. Even if your goal is not to run a hind puckering quarter mile time, custom fabrication can set your car apart from the group. Everyone respects custom fabrication. Combining custom fabrication with a unique drive line is considered the ultimate by some enthusiasts. Bring the best bolt on products together with a few custom fabricated parts, and you're set for show stopping, high performance follies!

Launching this car is more of an art and takes a skilled driver to balance the clutch and RPM to achieve boost, peak power, and a timely launch. Launch control, a.k.a. "two step" is common to be used on these vehicles. An aftermarket computer controls the launch by either ignition or fuel cut, depending on the setup. Listening to the R33, it's safe to say they are using launch control. Enjoy this awesome run and sweet chug of JDM performance as it tears down the drag strip at a blistering 145 miles per hour!

Video content: 1100 horsepower Nissan Skyline R33 runs 9 second quarter mile

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Source: Tampa Sports Car Examiner

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