4x4 Camaro catches on fire!

After a short climb and a run through some shallow mud, the lifted Camaro 4x4 wildly caught on fire and went ablaze. Right before the fire, a spectator noticed that the front right wheel was drastically out of alignment. There's a good possibility the two are related. If that wheel was messed up bad enough, it could have been causing friction hot enough to spark flame. With as much fuel as what runs through a well built small or large block Chevy, it's no surprise the rig quickly went up in flames. Once a fuel fire, or other flammable distillate catches it's extremely hard to extinguish.

The crowd reacts quickly, and the fire is quickly put out before any major damage could be done. This is why participating in sanctioned events is a wise idea. Had this guy caught fire out in the stick, the whole rig would be a complete loss. A lifted 4x4 Camaro is no easy task, but it's not as hard as you may believe. Read more about lifting a Camaro for 4x4 by clicking here.

Just like the sports car crowd, the off road crowd has the same family atmosphere. If anything goes wrong, everyone pitches in during the rescue. Due to the size and complexity of the machines, it's not a matter of if but when disaster strikes. If it wasn't for the group effort of a sanctioned event, it would have been much worse. The car would probably have been a total loss, and maybe even a forest fire or two could have been set. I will admit though, it sure is strange seeing a sports car tackle the mud like that.

Video content: Lifted Camaro 4x4 catches on fire

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Source: Tampa Sports Car Examiner

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