700 hp Cadillac CTS-V sets off OnStar with launch

A recent track test by Hennessey Performance set off the OnStar emergency by generating too many g forces during a launch. As recorded by their gyrometer, .99 g's were pulled during a drag strip test of their V700 CTS-V performance package. Turning out 700 horsepower and 700 ft. lbs. of torque, this luxury performance monster is just too much for the OnStar folks to handle. After the run, the vehicle detects a possible emergency and calls the car. This Cadillac just has too much power!

This is the same Cadillac CTS-V that just ran the Texas Mile, a standing mile competition, at a blistering 185 miles per hour! A true performance monster disguised as a grocery getter and Sunday blue hair wagon, the CTS-V by Hennessey Performance is just too much bang for buck. Leave it up to the folks at Hennessey to derive a vehicle of such magnitude hidden within a vehicle so innocent in appearance. This is the true definition of a sleeper, welcome to the V700 Hennessey CTS-V. Is it too much power? Maybe, if the OnStar system is tripped every time lateral or longitudinal g forces are exceeded.

The OnStar system works by using a gyrometer that detects g forces in all directions. If the g forces detected exceed a specific limit, OnStar is alerted and they call the vehicle to make sure all occupants are okay. Even though air bags were not set off, there is still a possibility that an accident could have occurred. Protection from big brother isn't perfect yet, but it's getting better. The only way around this is to disable that portion of the OnStar service, otherwise expect a call each time you launch your high powered car. Doh! I guess OnStar didn't see this one coming, but they sure felt it.

Video content: OnStar emergency 'CTS-V with 700 horsepower'

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Source: Tampa Sports Car Examiner

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