Another Bugatti Veyron wrecked!

During a test drive of the $2m Bugatti Veyron, this newb driver wrecked by backing into a car waiting at a traffic light. Not only did they back into the other car, they scraped the front end of the Veyron while backing up! So who foots the bill for this fender bender? Is the dealership's fault for not properly signaling the driver? Or is it the driver's fault for being a moron with the most expensive production car on the face of the planet? Either way, there's one Bugatti Veyron out there with a scraped up nose and dented rear bumper. This presents a distinct problem of the Bugatti Veyron that most overlook. While driving these things, they have horrible blind spots. It's no wonder this Bugatti Veyron was wrecked during a test drive, the driver simply could not see where they were going!

Thanks to the spectators watching this atrocity take place, we get to actually witness the Bugatti Veyron being damaged. This isn't as bad as driving a Bugatti Veyron into salt water as seen here, but it's still wrecking one of the most desired cars in the world. True car fans will be shocked just as I was while watching this video. I simply can't imagine who in their right mind could be so careless with such a beautiful and expensive vehicle.

How much do you think the repair bill is on this Bugatti Veyron fender bender? The unofficial word on the web is that this accident cost the driver over $30,000 to repair. Due to the rarity of the Veyron and the limited supply of mechanics who can fix these cars, anytime you damage one you're just asking for trouble. Enjoy the following rare clip of a Bugatti Veyron being wrecked during a test drive. Ouch!

Video content: Another Bugatti Veyron wrecked!

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Source: Tampa Sports Car Examiner

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