BMW 3-Series fire caught on video!

I say, let it burn; I'll get the S'mores. A nicely painted and restored BMW 3 Series was caught on video burning at an intersection in a residential area. Such a shame to see, the clean BMW burned in glory as the fire department quickly extinguished it's wrath. Leaving nothing but a smoldered mess, the 3 Series is finished. What could have possibly caused this mayhem? Anything. Chances are it was modified, as the outside features aftermarket paint and wheels. Fuel systems leaking on exhaust are prime suspects, and when building a vehicle utmost care must be taken.

The bad part about restoring a vehicle or tweaking the performance with high flow fuel systems, forced induction, aftermarket exhaust, etc. is that the possibility of disaster increases with each modification. Should any vital component of a flammable scenario go bad, an instant example is made of your vehicle. Sealing fasteners, checking lines, and performing pressure checks are some things you can do to prevent a vehicle fire. No matter how much you try to prevent a fire, accidents still do happen.

Some may ask, if the vehicle risks increase then why bother modifying a car? If you are one of those asking, you probably shouldn't be reading this column. It's one of those things, if you have to ask you'll never know. Modifying a car is a timeless art and past time of many around the world with a passion to create speed. The feeling of a build coming together after months and possibly years of wrench time is too heavenly. It's an experience that is truly unmatched. Then out of blue, all of the fun turns sour and that nasty F-word pops up again. Fire!

Why let it burn? Once the fire has progressed this far, you're much better off just letting it burn.

Video content: BMW 3 Series burns and smolders

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Source: Tampa Sports Car Examiner

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