Corvette C5 with ZR1 engine swap races Sebring

The C5 Corvette Z06 is a phenomenal performance beast straight from the factory, but add a few performance modifications and you'll have a literal rocket ship. The V8 engine provides the ultimate in acceleration, top speed, and sound. Drop a ZR1 powerhouse into the vehicle making it a C5 ZR1 hybrid, and you have a very unique approach to the performance icon. The following footage created by UneekAutos features an array of well edited clips, great music, and of course awesome Corvette performance!

Three cameras captured the Sebring experience bringing the racing feel directly to your desktop. A job well done on the video only surpassed by the performance of the featured vehicle. Listen to that sweet V8 rip down the straights of Sebring. Ah, the rapture! The performance mods to this Corvette are unknown, but by looking at the video footage we can see some custom fabrication, external reservoir gas shocks, and a well built ignition system.

According to the title, this is a C5 ZR1 hybrid. A C5 chassis with ZR1 components is what makes the hybrid a unique approach to Corvette performance. This set of upgrades probably also features a high flow fuel system to keep the vehicle well within the safe AFR range. Upgraded wheels and tires also help keep the Corvette stuck to the pavement. Overall, this is a very well built performance machine that has plenty of well hidden secrets. Great job! Enjoy the following video footage of the Corvette C5 ZR1 hybrid racing Sebring.

Video content: Corvette C5 ZR1 hybrid races Sebring

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Source: Tampa Sports Car Examiner

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